A website and group of people dedicated to the restoration and preservation

of the Roseville General Store in Roseville, Iowa.


The Store Opens After 40 Years!!!

With the help of over $30,000 in donations and countless numbers of volunteers we were able to raise enough money to move the Roseville General Store from its original site and start a complete restoration. 


On April 16th, 2008, the 105 year old Roseville General Store moved down the road 3 miles to a permanent site.  Ron Holland House moving and crew with the help of power companies: Butler Co REC, Alliant Energy, and Mid-America made this historic move possible. 


Of course, none of this would have been possible without the help of each and everyone of our donors. 


The Cedar Valley Engine Club has designated a permanent space for the store to sit on and open up every year during the Labor Day Engine Club show.


The Store was in desperate need of repair to undo the years of neglect, abuse from the weather and numerous animal attacks.  As with any restoration, if the foundation is good and you have a group of dedicated people, you can overcome these issues with great resolve.  As you follow through the site, you will see the state of the store when it was moved and just how beautiful it looks today with the untold hours of hard work by many people.


Our Grand Re-Opening for business was 8/30/2008 (click here to read about it).  Please wander through the site and look at the many photos of the original store, its restoration process and photos taken during our operation.  Restoration will continue for many years AND As always,

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

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Any donation is greatly appreciated!