Here is Lawrence Koenigsfeld driving and working in the 1939 Chevrolet Panel truck.  The truck had the Clover Farms logo on it along with Peter Koenigsfeld name and Roseville, Ia.


After a two year search, Dave Koenigsfeld found a truck that he could have restored to add a unique piece to the store during the time that it opens its doors.


A GREAT THANKS must go to Clay Phillips and his craftsmen at Performance Paint and Chassis in Battlefield, MO for their countless hours of dedication and skill to bring this old truck to life.  Clay has currently donated over $6,000 in restoration services to the project.  Dave and Amy Koenigsfeld are funding the rest of the restoration which will take over two years.


Clay’s team had to fix numerous bad spots in the metal, build a new firewall and front floor.  The rear floor is all wood.  The chassis was not functional, so Clay’s team rebuilt that as well.  They will have to fit the doors and fabricate some hood pieces.  So far the work that they have done has been phenomenal.


The truck will be a resto-rod tribute truck which will be a modern day version of the Roseville Delivery Truck.  We have a graphic artist recreating the exact logo to be place on the truck.  The truck will have a very similar paint color scheme to original—an off white / tan and dark green.  The rest of the outside will look very similar except it will have modern tires and wheels. 


The truck will have all the bells and whistles of a modern day truck: custom interior, air ride suspension, chevy 350 ci  motor with automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, all new electric systems, tubular A-arms, Ford 8” rear end.  Our plan is to build some shelves in the back and display period correct items.


We plan to debut the truck over Labor Day of 2010.  It won’t be completely finished but should be a fun addition to the front of the store.  Come out and see the progress!!!!!!!!!

Dave drives 14 hours to Texas to pick up a very rough truck!

Text Box: See you at the Store!

No peeking!!

Testing the lights

I think we got it all the way back together!

Steering and gauge placement

Entire side is straight and ready

Tylor & Laurel look excited to test rear seat

Rear doors and valance are all new

Finally rear doors that shut and work!

Come see the finished truck Labor Day

Here is a shot of the oak floor

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