1797 James Watt Steam Engine.  Believed to be the oldest steam engine west of the Mississippi.  *** Click here for article

Corliss Steam Engine that ran the entire Allis Chalmers Plant.  Supplied the entire plant with compressed air for their pneumatic tools.  The plant was in Indiana.

Ben Barnnett (right) getting a lesson from Al Koenigsfeld on how to get the Fairbanks Morris humming.

Cutting boards

Candice Varnell on the tractor supervised by ? (please let us know).  The belt was running the buzz saw.

Al May, 93 years old (right) teaches “the kid”, Al Koenigsfeld how to run the Fairbanks Morris Semi Diesel Engine

Al Koenigsfeld firing up the glo-plugs on the Fairbanks Morris before he starts it with air.  Engines like this were on cranes, boats, draglines and electrical generating plants.

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