My Memories of the Roseville Store

by Mary Koenigsfeld Craven

Daughter of Dan and Mabel Koenigsfeld



Dear Al,

 I am sending this check, hoping it will help a little in your efforts to restore the "old store".  I'll be anxious to see and go through it in its new location as it is part of our extended family heritage.


I do have some memories of the store, grandma and grandpa and of course, Uncle Lawrence.  I don't remember Grandpa Pete so much as I do Grandma Dora. She seemed tall to me and always had sort of a scratchy voice. I know I stayed overnight with her a few times, probably during first communion or confirmation preparation.  I remember feeling so superior getting to take my lunch to school the next day from the store..."store bought" bread and I think that good minced ham. That was a real treat and sometimes I even got a banana!


I remember those ice cream freezers right inside the front door.  When most everyone was gone we would get an ice cream cone.  We used to go over to the store after school everyday and wait for our ride home to the farm.  It was exciting to experience electricity at the store too, since we used kerosene lamps at home. It was at the store where we told our youngest sister, Bernie, was born. Uncle Lawrence got a call from our dad on that big old phone hanging on the west wall. We had a longer wait that day for our ride home.


We used to go over to the store after Mass on Sundays and visit. My dad, Kenny and Pete Marzen would stand around the stove and talk baseball (mostly Cubs) and politics.  I often wonder how Uncle Lawrence put up with all of us.


These are a few of my memories.  Good Luck with the store restoration and I am looking forward to seeing it at it's new location.



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