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We would like to thank the many volunteers for their many hours of dedication to this project.  We recognize them here on this page.  Without these helpful people, our cash donations wouldn’t go as far.  We will try and get everyone on here, if you know of anyone we missed, please send me an email at Koenigsfeld@starband.net  Click on each photo to enlarge.

September 2009


Butch and Nancy Koenigsfeld donated several boxes filled with a variety of tins.



Richard Wyborny of Charles City volunteered to lay the bricks for the columns under the canopy.  He did an excellent job in two days.  We appreciate his kindness more than words can say.



Bill Scholl 2 cracker barrel/nail kegs


Thank you to Dick Young for letting us use his cement vibrator

Richard Wyborney — All of the brick work on the posts for the canopy.  Mr. Wyborney did a beautiful job and we thank him so much!!!


Bob and Pat Schmitt — $69.41
           Colored CFL Lights for under the Canopy.
           Originally the bulbs were hand painted.

           The new ones look great!


Gene Rasmussen refurbished this display case that was donated by Mr.& Mrs. Gary Schmitt. It is beautiful!! Thank you Gene!!


August 2009

Regina Shirley and Todd Rule —$100 (Candy & Toy Tractor for our raffle.)


Loyd Stauffer — Grist Mill originally from the store.


The gas pump picture is of Gene Rasmussen and his son-in-law Russ Rosenbaum. Gene donated the pump in memory of his wife Beverly. She taught 4th grade in Charles City for many years and was loved by many. Gene and Russ brought the pump out to the store and bolted it in place. It looks wonderful!

Lights!!!! Joe got the DX lights hooked up today. The lights in the meat case are working too. Thank you JOE BARRY!!!! The colored lights look wonderful. Thank you Pete and Bob for donating them!!! Dave the DX sign looks so awesome. Thank you for finding it, fixing it, paying for it :) and delivering it.


This Roseville plate given as a store promotion must have been given in the 30's or 40's. We did not have any dishes like this. We now have 2. Marcus and Anna Mae Herman donated one and the family of Marge Shindelar donated another.

The wooden Horehound container was donated by Stephen and Mary Koenigsfeld. It has Peter Koenigsfeld's named stamped on the top. It is a wonderful addition to the store. it :) and delivering it.


Mike Koenigsfeld who works at Stock Glass volunteered his time and labor to replace the big front window and the window in the door. Thank you Mike!!!

Project 39:  Click on the link to check out the progress of creating a tribute version of Peter Koenigsfeld’s 1939 Chevrolet Panel Truck.   — updated 10/11/2011


Gas Pump—Family of Beverly Rasmussen - The gas pump is also a donation for the store. We will deliver and secure it at your request.  "Bev was a well known and much loved teacher in the Charles City district 




Roseville Sign Restoration—Dave Koenigsfeld restored these two Roseville Signs.  These signs had been ‘recycled’ two times from their original state.  The signs were bent and flat.  Check out the before and after photos.  Dave also touched up the S&H Green Stamps Sign



October 2008

September 2008

Before and after painting the store (see pictures on the Restoration Gallery) . Al and Wayne Stratton painting  Joe Barry working on the store.  One pic is of Wayne alone on the ladder.  Check out the pictures in the restoration gallery.


Just a quick update on the store. Al and Wayne Stratton have been painting. 
Nov. 1st Joe Barry, Chris Fisher, Wayne Stratton and Al continued to work-- so far two coats of primer have been applied this Fall and  a coat of Latex will go on in the Spring. Joe caulked windows and took some storms with him to see if he can get them fixed--possibly the Amish. Repaired a window sill. Al hopes to get the west end done yet this fall and possibly more. Nothing is planned to do over the winter (yet) but as soon as the weather is OK in the spring work will start inside.

We will let you know if we are going to have a work day but please think about calling Al and seeing if you can be of help. There is always something to do.

We had a wonderful donation from the Rasmussen family in memory of Bev. (I taught with her at Washington for 33 years) Gene ran a gas Station in town and had a restored pump in his yard at home for years. They donated that and $200 to the Store. It is on the website. Dave and Amy are doing such a tremendous job with the site!!! Dave came up in October with some restored signs. They look tremendous. We enjoyed taking him to dinner at cousin Jeff's Uptown and Jeff joined us for conversation.

November 2008


Dave & Amy Koenigsfeld are donating two DX signs and a period correct pole as well as two gas pump fronts.  Click on the picture to the left for progress and info.



$395 From Joe Barry for materials to build the new steps and

some window restoration. Joe has been a tremendous help in so many ways and we know this dollar amount donation is probably far from the actual amount. We appreciate Joe's dedication to help, his trips, and his good natured spirit. Thank you, Joe!!

March 2009


Dave & Amy Koenigsfeld are donating some misc DX items found at a local flee market.  Click on the picture for details.



April 2009


Original Roseville Store Coke machine with lift lid donated by Jerry (the Fonze) and Linda Ott of Marble Rock, Iowa.  This is not the correct photo of the Coke machine.




DX sign restoration process.  Click on the picture for details.



Al & Mary Koenigsfeld donated the following during 2009


           Metal roofing                                           $463.89
           Bricks                                                       $246
           Lumber, paint & supplies                       $709.48
           Labor                                                        $26.25
           Window & door glass                             $320
           Display Table                                           $25
           Plastic tub for T-Shirts ,

           Utility mats, country store sign              $22.34
           Photos for store                                        $34.18
           Candy, Jars, Mystery Item Door

           Prize, napkins                                           $57.16
           Ice & Water                                              $56.17
           Envelopes, Postage, sheet protectors     $10.83
           Meals/snacks/drinks for workers           $106

Misc 2009

Text Box: See you at the Store!


Wes Voss  9th grade student of Mr. "K's" at Clarksville, donated $40 and  one hard day of work cutting trees  and cleaning up  the old Roseville Store site.

 Larry & Sharon Hicock  Rockford, donated a beautiful  hand crank oak telephone almost exactly like we had in the store which was wired to the family home across the road. They also donated a variety of saws and farm tools that the club will appreciate very much.


We now have 3 Roseville plates--  last one donated by Vince Marzen.

Mary Rowe of Marble Rock. IA    unique glass pepsi bottle 1 and 1/2 Liters--52.8 oz.
Dana Barnett--Charles City  Rutland Patching Plaster, Molle Brushless Shaving Cream, small glass milk bottle
Sharon Leerhoff, Clarksville, IA numerous bottles and tins, darning mending thread, packets of Fancy Sequins and much more. 
Vince Marzen Dougherty IA   Roseville Plate
Larry and Jerry Jensen  Marble Rock, IA  toys: International tractor, and six pack 50 years Collector's series of little tractors

Al and Mary Koenigsfeld $603.96

           Candy, Water,Hostess products to sell.

           Plants for the Perennial garden and annuals for walk-ways.

           Printer Cartridge, Postage, Tarps, Paint, Caulk, printing costs

           Labor: Workers hired to prepare for the Labor Day Show and to work on the days of the Show.

Dave & Amy Koenigsfeld, Nixa, MO—Web hosting and domain name registration $167

Original VALA LUMBER apron donated by Doug & Jerri Nel

Mexican coke bottle—Jim Koenigsfeld

sen  Charles City



 A very nice metal Green Stamp Sign and a Wooden Railroad shipping crate. 
donated by Michael and Rita Nixt in memory of Louie and Anna Nixt

Cindy Dailey donated 3 very nice cans: Red Dot Potato Chip ,  Claumet Baking Powder , and  Briardale Tea.   ALso 2 little Diamond Match boxes


Al & Mary Koenigsfeld total 2010 donation of $1,318.32 which  included in this total
           $605.41 for clean-up at the old store site, 

           $130 Hired help for Labor Day week-end
           Postage, envelopes, computer ink cartridge, products for bread rack, plastic display frames, Briardale Sign
           candy, water, luan board, Paint, masks, food for workers, prizes for contests

Help Us Restore the Roseville General Store

Any donation is greatly appreciated!