Right Down the line...the Koenigsfeld Kids (now adults)...are excited to share their story.  Jim, Joseph, Mary Ann, Jerome, Patricia, Al, Gene, Richard, Regina, Rosalie, and Julie (not yet born in this photo) were all raised in Roseville, Iowa. 


Their parents, Lawrence and Marcella Koenigsfeld, owned and operated the Roseville General Store.  It is the story of this quaint, 104 year old building that they wish to tell.  It is their hope that you will help them realize their dream of moving, restoring and preserving this part of rural America.

The story begins when Jake Keifer had the store built and opened it in 1903.  Is was sold two years later to Bill Hageman and two years after that to John Sinnwell Jr.  The Sinwells closed the store in 1910 and used it as a home for John Sinwell’s parents.


It was in 1932 when Peter (age 59) and Dora (Wolff) Koenigsfeld bought the building and it became a store again.  Lawrence, their son, came to live with them in the 5 rooms upstairs and to help them with the store.  Around 1939, neighbors would greet Lawrence in his Chevy panel truck as he pedaled groceries to the farms around Roseville.


One of these neighbors was Marcella Marzen, whom he married in 1941.  The couple lived 1/2 mile south of Roseville where six of their children were born.  Peter died in 1945 and Lawrence and his family continued to run the store.  The family moved across from the store on Hwy 14 in 1949 and owned this home for 57 years.  Five more children were born to the family bringing the grand total to 11.  The Roseville General Store supported their family and the family appreciated the loyal customers in this closely knit farming community.


The Store, a place that was so much more than a place to buy food!  It was a gathering point that drew people from all around the area.  Neighbors, young and old, swapped stories, news, jokes...it was the Roseville Internet.  You could buy gas, fix a tire, enjoy an ice cream cone, get a pair of work gloves, drink a bottle of pop, and use the phone, all at The Store.  Many families bought most of their groceries there.  In the late 50’s and early 60’s, people could fill up the back of a pick-up truck, one tier high and put the watermelon up front for $30.


Cows, chickens, pigs, dogs and cats were supplied feed at the store too.  When the truck was full with groceries, the bags of animal feed might ride home on the fenders.


But things change...big, modern grocery stores that could offer more for less eventually forced the store to close in 1968.  Through the years every Koenigsfeld kid had taken their turn working at the store.  Since it closed, it has been sitting empty.  People talk about it often and think back while driving by.  The family has made sure that the roof hasn’t leaked and that the raccoons haven’t made it their home.  Even though it closed, it was still so much a part of the people remaining.  A neighbor recently stated when he heard the family’s plan:  “your family may have owned the store but it belonged to all of us.  We all want to see it restored.  It was part of our growing up”.


The Roseville General Store was truly a focal point of the area for many people.  There is nothing in today’s world that really compares with an old General Store.  It is the hope of the Koenigsfeld family to preserve this important part of the past and to share it with future generations.  To accomplish this goal the store must move to a new location 3 miles north to the Cedar Valley Engine Club.  This is a great place for the store to go because this club is dedicated to preserving local heritage and is in the Roseville area.  The move down the road involves several power lines, a new foundation to rest on and is estimated to cost around $28,000.  If you appreciate the history of a tiny piece of rural America, the Koenigsfeld family would be very thankful for your donation.

“The Store”, the story…..

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