Past Donors..



Memorial for Marcus Hermann ,Rockford— $25,  from Al & Mary Koenigsfeld
Memorial for Gabe Koenigsfeld— $25, from Patrick and Susan McDonnell Charles City



Joe & Mary Ann Barry—$296 for building materials

Memorial for Iva Mae Ward Smith—$500 donated by sister-in-law,

             Wanda Ward ,and friend, Mary Koenigsfeld (both of Charles City)  She was a "go-getter" with endless energy. She loved              her church, her family, her friends, and her gardens. During her lifetime she owned and operated several businesses in              California. She was excellent at making drapes and spreads of all kinds as well as upholstering furniture. Iva and her              husband, Doug, retired to Charles City in 1993. Iva's family asked Wanda and Mary to help distribute Iva's household              things after her death. This money from a yard sale has been waiting for the right purpose to come along. The beautiful              new shades installed at the Roseville General store were purchased and installed with this money. It is our feeling that Iva              would approve of this and would have enjoyed helping with the store. Iva is dearly missed.



Memorial for Albert Wolff —$25  Albert was our neighbor and dear

             family friend for 35 years. Al & Mary Koenigsfeld Charles City



Memorial for  Eva M. Young —$25, Al & Mary Koenigsfeld

Patrick and Susan McDonnell —$50, Charles City, IA
Memorial for Nick Jr. and Dorothy Schmitt—$500, from Nick & Janice Schmitt and Joan Korth 

Mike & Rosalie Harden —$100, Rockford, IA
Dave & Amy Koenigsfeld —$430 (Proceeds from Roseville Store T-shirts)

Cedar Valley Engine Club Show Donations — $1105



Lila and Willard Feltus — $100, Charles City.
"Your Store Looks Great!"

Bob and Pat Schmitt — $70

Leroy and Virginia Tietz — $20 Charles City, IA

Donald Parcher — $50, of Rockford, IA



Memorial for Edith Schmitt Heit —$200 from Tim and Teresa Schmitt
     "Enclosed is a check for $200 to put towards the restoration of the

      Roseville Store.  This is in memory of my mother,

      Edith Schmitt Heit. Have many fond memories of
      the store and commend you on the undertaking of restoring it.



Memorial for Mary Ann Erb, Charles City, Iowa — $25 from Al and Mary Koenigsfeld

Memorial for Myrna Bissen, Stacyville, Iowa —$25 from Al and Mary Koenigsfeld



Celebration of Ben and Imelda Krull —$25 Given by Al and Mary Koenigsfeld in celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary and              Ben's 90th birthday.
Memorial for Anna Laura Koenig —$140 Given by her son and wife, James and Judy Koenig.

Memorial for Jim Martin — $100 Given by Thomas and Jacqueline Martin, Osage,

Memorial for Mel Symonds —$100 Given by his brother Ralph Symonds Nashua, IA

Memorial for Betty Wood of Conrad, IA —$50 Given by Wood Farm LLC (aunt of Mary Ann Wood Koenigsfeld and William A.              Wood)



Memorial for Elaine(Koenigsfeld) Menges —$25 Given by Al and Mary Koenigsfeld
             Elaine was a first cousin (Dan and Mabel Koenigsfeld family) who was born on Mary's birthday and passed away on Al's              Birthday.  We received a nice letter from her son, Bill Haase, and included in it was a floor plan of the store and upstairs              living quarters that Elaine had drawn.



Memorial for Leander and Gila Merfeld — $25 Given by Al and Mary Koenigsfeld
Memorial for Michael Trettin — $25 Given by Al and Mary Koenigsfeld
Memorial for Nick and Christina Brunner — $25 Given by Al and Mary Koenigsfeld
A 50th Jubilee gift for Msgr. Stanley Hayek for his 50 years of great service to many parishes especially Charles City IC — $50
        Given by Al and Mary Koenigsfeld



Memorial for Ruth Boelsen Charles City  — $25 Given by Al and Mary Koenigsfeld

John & Jean Pearson — $25, Rockford, IA

Memorial for Steven E. Lines, Charles City — $25 from Al & Mary Koenigsfeld




In Memory of Vic and Lorraine Holm  — $25 from Al and Mary Koenigsfeld  ( Aug 08)

In memory of Marge (Shindelar) Walker —$25 from Al & Mary Koenigsfeld  (Oct 08)

Beverly Rasmussen — $200 memorial from Beverly’s family



Clair F. Roethler — $25 memorial from Al & Mary Koenigsfeld
Lois Clark —$25, Charles City

Al & Nancy Ruzicka Bloomington, MN  &

             Cecilia Holzer Charles City ,IA &

             Dorothy and Nick Streit Lavalle, WI  — $50

             (The underlined names are siblings from

               Dan & Mabel Koenigsfeld family)

    Nick Bjelica — donated a vintage gas pump

    In memory of Beverly Rasmussen—$50from Al & Mary Koenigsfeld Charles City

   Patrick & Susan McDonnell —$50, Charles City, IA

    Fred & Sylvia Hawker —$50, Greene, IA

    Profit from sales of ice cream, water and post cards over Labor Day — $447

   Nicholas Bjelica— $30, Charles City IA 

   Memorial for David W. Schmitt —$50 from Nick and Janice Schmitt Osage, IA



   Anonymous Donor — $5,000 —- THANK YOU!!!

   Paul Kirsch   — Charles City, IA They have also donated a freezer and a cooler
   Jack and Virginia Ruzicka— Charles City, IA  They have also donated a shelf and tried to donated the freezer and cooler

              Above but Paul wouldn’t take the money.  Thank you all!.
   Jeff Koenigsfeld — Charles City, IA  donated a neat little ice cream freezer
   Memorial for Carolyn Susan Ohrt — $25  From Al and Mary Koenigsfeld

   Alliant Energy—$200 Matched Rob Schmitt ’s $200

   Don Parcher —$100, Rockford, IA

   Marge (Shindelar) Walker —$20, Rockford, IA

   Joe Barry —$96 in electrical supplies plus 2 days labor

   Don and Shirley Holm  $200, Charles City, IA



   Willard & Lila Feltus  —$100 Charles City, IA



   Steven & Jennifer Hubert  —$25 Charles City, IA

   Richard & Kay Wielinski —$100  Charles City, IA

   In Memory of Bill and Martha Hosek —$50 from Al and Mary Koenigsfeld Charles City, IA

   John Leslie & Paula Chambers —$100 Waterloo, IA

   Dianna Francis  —$25  Mason City, IA

   Rockford FFA Chapter —$150  Rockford, IA



    Leland "Pick" & Sandra Koenigsfeld  —$50 Union, MO

    Mark & Denise Kuhn —$40 Charles City, IA

   Dale & Helen Bond —$25 Charles City, IA

   Walter & Mary Kent —$25 Clarksville, IA

   Jerry & Jo Ann Voss —$25 Clarksville, IA

   Butch and Nancy Koenigsfeld —$50 Floyd, Iowa

   Jackie & Alan Jacobs —$25 Ellendale, MN

   Robert & Patricia Blair—$250  Durango, CO  "In Honor of Father Jim. Good Luck."

   Gary Ginther—$100  Rockford, IA

   Fred & Myrna Bissen—$100  Stacyville, IA

   Marcella Koenigsfeld (formally last resident of Roseville) —$1,000,

             Cedar Falls, IA

   Jay(Pete) & Mary (Koenigsfeld) Craven —$100, Mason City, IA

   Hanig Construction is doing the new store foundation at cost

             and the Cedar Valley Engine Club is paying for it.

             Thank You Hanig Construction from Rockwell, IA!!!


   Tom & Diane Ramker  $100 Greene, IA



   Elaine (Koenigsfeld) Menges  —$100,  Mason City, IA

   Bill & Rita Wood —$100, Waverly, IA

   George & Vonda Cummins —$50, Charles City, IA

   Dennis Koenigsfeld —$50, Des Moines, IA

   Greg Marzen —$50, Durham, NC

   Andrew & Marcella Nixt —$40, Greene, IA

   Mike & Colleen Shanks —$50, Nora Springs, IA

   Jim Davis, Iowa Title & Realty Co —$100, Charles City, IA

   Maryellen Cazanas —$10, Mason City, IA

   Elaine (Koenigsfeld, daughter of Hentry) Flick —$20, Waterloo, IA

   Betty Schmitt & Larry Wagner —$100 Rockford, IA

   Cecilia Holzer—$100 Charles City, IA 

   Nate Koenigsfeld, Portland, OR, Amanda Pearson, Rockford,IA and Gabe Koenigsfeld Sioux Falls, SD —$100 

   Denise Bledsoe (Pitkin) —$50, Charles City, IA

   Roger & Yasuko Smith— $25, Waterloo, IA

   Annette & Earl Simonson— $50, Charles City, IA

   Fort Dodge Animal Health Division of Wyeth —$50, Charles City, IA

   In memory of Charles & Bertha Bartz(my great-grandparents)

             Walter & Matilda Bartz (my grandparents)

              Chester & Ethelyne Bartz Slocum (my parents)

         Carol Slocum Fish—$100, Hemet, CA

   K.F. & Aggie Sullivan —$50, Swisher, IA

   In memory of Grandma Edith Heit and "Pat" Kuhlemeier

             Jackie & Al Lambert— $200, Mason City, IA

   Nicholas & Dorothy Streit—$100, Lavalle, WI

  Gene & Cindy Koenigsfeld—$500,  Littleton, CO

    In memory of grandparents, Grandma Edith Heit and Grandpa "Pat" Kuhlemeier

              Rob & Jen Schmitt—$200, Rockwell, IA

    Kenneth & B.L. Koenigsfeld  —$50, Minneapolis, MN

    Warren & Janet Dunkel —$25, Charles City, IA

    Ronald & Beulah Kramer —$10, Charles City, IA

    Timothy & Donna Vala —$200, Roswell, NM

    Russell & Joan Koenigsfeld —$50, Robins, IA

    Louis & Barbara Koenigsfeld— $100, Charles City, IA

    Dean Gayther — $25 Eden Prairie MN

   Joe & Mary Koenigsfeld — $1,000, Dakota City, NE

   Laurel Koenigsfeld —$3, Nixa, MO

   Tylor Koenigsfeld —$5, Nixa, MO

   Dave & Amy Koenigsfeld —$1,000,  Nixa, MO



   Wayne & Anna Mae Stratton —$25, Charles City, IA

   Rose Wihlm & family — $200

   Maxine Fullerton —$50, Rockford, IA

   James & Mary Ann Erb —$250, Charles City, IA

   Denny & Karen Fenster —$50, Minneapolis, MN

   Robert & Sara Noss — $50, Dougherty, IA

   Daniel & Carrie Koenigsfeld — $20, Johnston, IA

   Security State Bank —$100, Charles City, IA

   Angela Smith —$100, Charles City, IA

   Roger & Edna Merfeld— $100, Rockford, IA

   Richard & Rita Merfeld —$100, Greene, IA

   John Merfeld—$100, Rockford, IA

   Steve & Mary Koenigsfeld— $50, Marble Rock, IA

   Gene & Lloydene Brunner— $50, Rockford, IA

   Steve  & Pam Erbe Lines— $50,  Charles City, IA

   Albert, Linda, Jim & Lora Wolff— $100,  Nashua,Cedar Falls, Keokuk

   Richard & Judy Hall—  $20, Charles City, IA

   In Memory of Edith Schmitt Heit, Al & Mary Koenigsfeld — $25

   Audrey Merfeld — $25

   Rose (Merfeld) Leaver —$100

   Francis & Mary Jeanne (Merfeld) Stadler —$500

   Julie (Koenigsfeld) and Steve Reese —$250



   Rich & Dian Koenigsfeld —$200

   Jim & Judy Koenig — $45

   Pat & Sue McDonnell—$50

   Marta Fisher —$50

   Gary Schmitt—donated his time and cherry-picker to help Al along

                         with Tony Schmitt take the chimney down to

                          prepare for the move.



  Joe & Mary Ann (Koenigsfeld) Barry—$500




   Mike & Rosalie (Koenigsfeld) Harden —$500

   Jerome & Billie Koenigsfeld — $1,000

   Katie & Chris Fisher — $100

   Janet (Naumann) Zimmer — $100



   Jim Koenigsfeld—$5,000

   Al and Mary Koenigsfeld—$5,000

   Cedar Valley Engine Club event donation jar —$85

   Dave and Amy Koenigsfeld—website design and hosting

   Nick and Janice Schmitt (Osage) — $50

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