Memories of my grandparents Peter and Dora Koenigsfeld:


I am Elaine Rose Ann Koenigsfeld Haase Menges, the seventh child of Dan and Mabel Koenigsfeld, born February 2,1937.


I have just a few things I remember about Grandpa  since he passed away when I was eight years old.  I do remember he liked to tease Grandma and seemed to be very jolly.  I know how very much he suffered with cancer.  I remember the bed in the kitchen and Lawrence taking care of him.


The store became a great part of our family's life, always after Sunday Mass and all the people getting groceries and getting ice cream cones... that was a real treat.  I can still see the men gathered around the stove. Seemed it was a lot of sports with Dad and Kenny Marzen. The years seemed to pass quickly and I was in the 8th grade.  I thought I was very lucky to stay with Grandma alot that year so I wouldn't miss school with all the snow.  Believe it or not I never missed a day of school that year. I always had fun on Sunday when I got to help Uncle Lawrence put up groceries and write up and add the total. Somehow I remember the great bologna lunch meat and Uncle Lawrence slicing it up.


Grandma was a very kind and loving person and spoke ever so softly.  The flight of stairs going up to the bedrooms seemed to go up forever.  I slept in the southwest room and grandma in the smaller one on the northwest corner. To this day I have felt so very lucky to have been taken care of by Grandma. I remember how upset I was when she passed away and I couldn't come home for the funeral.  I believe it was, yes, 1954.  I had married and my husband, Bill, was in the Air Force. We were living in Biloxi, Miss. It was hard when I did get back--since I didn't go to the funeral-- it didn't seem real I guess.


My memories will always be cherished and I do realize now how lucky I was to have great grandparents.  Hope this is a tiny glimpse of what I remember and how I felt.

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