Remembrances of the Roseville Store

By Dorothy K. Streit

Granddaughter of Peter & Dora Koenigsfeld

Daughter of Daniel & Mabel Koenigsfeld



     My remembrances of the grocery store that, in my memory, was operated by Peter and Dora Koenigsfeld are more of the mid 1930's to about 1950 and probably much different from those of our cousins (Uncle Lawrence and Aunt Marcella's family) and probably similar to that of our other cousins.


     I remember small barrels of horehound drops for coughs in the winter, ribbon candy at Christmas and jelly beans in the spring. Little kids always remember the candy, right?


     I remember Sunday morning at the store after Mass.  The stops weren't too long in the summer when Uncle Lawrence, Uncle John and Daddy (Daniel) and others played ball near Oakwood. I think I remember white uniforms but I am not sure.  Mom (Mabel) would fry chicken, make a salad and we'd have a picnic and watch them play ball. I think Uncle Lawrence was plate umpire, don't remember any others.


We were told there were bears in the woods so we wouldn't wander. Other times of the year the stops at the store were longer.  I remember the delicious ice cream cones and listening to the infectious laughter of Pete Marzen and Dad as they discussed farming and politics.


     The store was like a magical place for me.--all those wonderful things in one place.  I tried to imagine how much money it would take to buy everything.  I loved watching them use the meat slicer and scales and wrapping up the purchases in butcher paper.  The hot dogs were so good!  I seem to remember sawdust behind the meat counter.


     I remember the candling of eggs. That always fascinated me. Farmers brought in their extra eggs for Grandpa and Grandma to sell.  The candling, I think, was to sort out the fertile eggs.


     A particular memory of Uncle Lawrence and the store was when he'd come around to the farms with a vehicle with groceries for farmers to buy. I think this was when farmers were real busy.  One time he had the hives when he got to our place and we pumped cold water on his arms from the well.  He thought he had gotten the hives from eating strawberries.


     Sitting here writing these memories down on paper makes them very real again. Each of us have different memories of the store and all the people who kept it alive all those years. Hopefully, restoring it will jog the good memories of a lot of people who passed through its doors at one time or another.


P.S. The pretty material of the flour or feed sacks made lovely dresses. I know I wore a few of them.


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