My Memories of the Roseville Store

by Leslie Chambers


"I remember when we farmed the Pete Staudt 240 over south of Charles City and we would move our equipment over there. I would stop in at the Roseville Store and fill my pockets up with candy and gum.  Also I'd get a couple of frost sticks.  I would stick the candy in the tool box on the tractor for later. Uncle Clayt would stop and fill up there too.


I can remember Marcella or Lawrence would come rushing across  the road to make a sale.  This was in the 1940's and 1950's, when peanuts and candy bars were 5 cents apiece and maybe I'd buy a pop for 10 cents (Orange Crush, Cream Soda or Grape). Lawrence would joke around with us and I always enjoyed chatting with him and Marcella.


We grazed Grandpa Glenn's beef cow herd on corn stalks over the 240 some years and I remember driving them on the road, and Lawrence would help us get them across Highway 14 there at Roseville.  What a job that was with no fence around St. Mary's Catholic Church lot!


I remember taking Paula, when she was my wife-to-be, to the Roseville Store.  She thought it was quite a place. Later she remembered that it kind of reminded her of the family store on the T.V. show "The Waltons."


My Mom and Dad, John and Rebecca Chambers, were good friends with the Marcella and Lawrence Koenigsfeld family."

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