Marcella Marzen

Marcella Marzen

Lawrence and Marcella Koenigsfeld

Lawrence Koenigsfeld in the 1939 Chevrolet delivery truck.† Lawrence is gathering an order at a farm place on his route.† The coke box was his step.† The string around the box was his trademark.

Josie Marzen in front of the Store

A picture of the store from across the road

Lawrence Koenigsfeld (front), Alphonse Willhm (middle), Jim Koenigsfeld (rear) sit across the road from the Store.† Alphonse, Rose Willhm and family were frequent customers at the store.

Clover Farm flour, very good for baking

Peter Koenigsfeld with a stringer of fish

Gene Koenigsfeld ready to assist shoppers

Peter Koenigsfeld

Dora Koenigsfeld

Lawrence Koenigsfeld school photo (3rd from the left, front row.

Dora Koenigsfeld, her sister Katie and her daughter Annie

Lawrence and Marcella Koenigsfeld in the chicken coop

Peter Koenigsfeld with a test cast of his fishing pole

Grocerís Convention at Masonic Temple, Des Moines, IA Sept. 1948


Lawrence and Marcella Koenigsfeld, 3rd row from the right up towards the front.† Marcella is 4 months pregnant with Al Koenigsfeld.

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