Looking from the church across Hwy 14 to the Roseville Store.† The car looks like a 1935.† Farmers will notice the corn rows which could be cultivated straight or at an angle.

A view from the Store looking at St. Maryís Catholic Church and the old school which was torn down in 1963 and a new school was built.

Left to right: Richard, Al, Gene Koenigsfeld

Store Products

Sister Mary Verna.† Peter Bjelica in the striped shirt.† We think the other children are Wihlms, Connie, Barb, and Dick.† End of the year picnic.

Marcella, Peter and Dora Koenigsfeld.† Peter has his fishing pole ready to go.

Wrigley Field

Copy of John Koenigsfeldís Citizenship paper in 1885 (Peterís father).† Name is spelled Kingfield which is the German meaning.† Probably changed when they arrived in the U.S.

Rose Anne Merfeld getting on the bus at Roseville.

Looking through the overhang, you can see the George & Rose Naumann home that used to be north of the store.† It was a big houseónow gone.


SignsóDiamond GasolineóMotor Oil, Hutchinsonís Ice Cream

Sign on storeóMid Continent Tires

St. Maryís Cemetery

Roseville Store front, looks like Dora is talking with someone in the car.† Sometime in the 1930s.

Peter Koenigsfeld in front of the store

Dora Koenigsfeld in front of the store.

John Koenigsfeld planting corn.

Part of the John Koenigsfeld family.

Part of the Dan Koenigsfeld family.

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