The Roseville General Store, shown here in the mid-50’s, was at its peak working condition.  The Koenigsfeld family car, a 1946 Chevy, was parked in its usual location.  It was purchased in 1953 to replace a 1932 Nash, we believe was a one seater.  As you can see in the picture there was gas available, an air hose for all to use, and an overhang to pull under during bad weather.  To the east of the store is an attached garage that most of the time housed feeds such as Larro, Honegger, and Nutrena.  You may remember the jingle on WHO in Des Moines that went: “Feed your hogs Nutrena, the best feed that money can buy!”





Jake Keifer—Builder of Roseville Store

Peter Koenigsfeld—bought the store in 1932 and pipe in photo will be displayed when the store is restored.

Lawrence Koenigsfeld—son of Peter Koenigsfeld, getting ready to pump some gas.  Diamond D-X was the only brand of gas we sold for 36 years.

Lawrence Koenigsfeld making deliveries in 1939 Chevrolet Panel Truck

Marcella Marzen

Lawrence and Marcella Koenigsfeld

Picture of Koenigsfeld Family in Larro Feed advertisement

Picture of the inside of ‘The Store’

Marcella Koenigsfeld

Lawrence Koenigsfeld

Wedding photo of Lawrence and Marcella Koenigsfeld

35th Wedding Anniversary photo of Lawrence and Marcella Koenigsfeld

Peter and Dora Koenigsfeld

Jim and Joe Koenigsfeld by store sign on the family’s only bike

Jerome Koenigsfeld assists customer Bill Ruzicka

Koenigsfeld Kids (Julie not born yet)

Lawrence Koenigsfeld in Chicago with friends utilizing a bit of trick photography.  Lawrence always had an interest in photography.  Lawrence worked in Chicago from 1928 through 1930.

Frank and Josie’s cattle at Roseville

Marcella Koenigsfeld worked for Meusel Hardware from 1966-1968

Marcella Marzen on her wedding day, February 25th, 1941

Marcella Marzen

Marcella Marzen age 6, Kenneth Marzen age 7 months

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